Perfect from the ground up

Perfect from the ground up Perfect from the ground up
  • Baking temperature

    Baking temperature

    Golden crust and airy lightness of our pizza is ensured by the iconic Rinaldi ovens. Compared to other ovens, they can achieve extraordinarily high temperatures thanks to heat distribution through evenly spaced ceramic spirals. Rinaldi oven will bake your pizza before you count to 360.

  • Baking temperature


    Our dough is made from a combination of flours – Campanian golden wheat, rice and soy flours. These come together to create a smooth, easily digestible combination. Correctly raised dough releases and joins the flavors of all the ingredients. Compared to a regular wheat flour dough, it keeps well even 30 minutes after coming out of the oven.

  • Baking temperature

    Dough Rising

    Allowing the dough to raise slowly in a consistent temperature of 22 °C releases all the right flavors. This way pizza gains twice its original volume.

  • Baking temperature


    Neapolitan pizza should not exceed 32cm in diameter. Special shaping plate with inner spinning disc will pull the dough from center to edge , pushing out all the excess air into the crust, allowing it to turn crispy gold on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

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    Authentic Ingredients

    Italian pizza deserves italian ingredients. Sugo is made from succulent San Marzano tomatoes, our mozzarella comes from the hills of Campania. Other ingredients also originated from the Apeninne peninsula.

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    Final Touch

    You will fall in love with the careless elegance of our pizzas prepared by Alessandro. The ingredients come together in a perfect harmony that you can taste in every bite.


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