How can I order? 
You can place an order on our website at 360pizza.com or through the self-service kiosks at a restaurant. How? Watch the video below; it’s worth more than a thousand words ;-).  
How long does it take to make a pizza? 
Not long! It's out of the oven in 360 seconds from ordering.  
How can I pay? 
On our website, simply by credit card. At self-service kiosks, you can also pay by credit card, as well as with electronic meal vouchers. 
Do you also do delivery? 
We'll deliver your pizza within 45 minutes of ordering. You can find the current delivery map here.   
Are we full or not delivering to your address? Use our partner Wolt for delivery. 
How much will I pay for delivery? 
Up to 1 km = CZK 39  
Up to 2.5 km = CZK 49  
up to 4 km = CZK 59  
up to 6 km = CZK 79  
up to 8 km = CZK 109  
8 km and beyond = CZK 119 
How do I create my account? 
Start your registration at this link. In order for you to register, we need your e-mail address or a link to your Facebook or Google account. After entering it, you will receive an e-mail from us, which you need to confirm in order to verify the accuracy of the information you provided. That’s it! Registration is complete. You can now log in to your new 360 account. 
Why should I register? 
So you can name your pizza, share it with friends and have all of your recipes and orders on hand for quick ordering :-). 
Can I build my own pizza? 
Of course. We have no limits to creativity :-). Simply build your pizza exactly to your taste in our configurator. 
How big is the pizza? 
Our pizzas measure 32 cm or 23 cm. 
My pizza arrived different from what I ordered, what should I do? 
Did the courier missed you? Please contact us at zakaznici@360pizza.com or on our Facebook page. We’ll make it right in no time! 
How can I use discount coupons? 
Did you receive a discount coupon from us? There are several ways to redeem it  :-). 
1. Redeeming on the website – in one of the steps at the end of the ordering process, enter the discount code in the “Insert discount code” field found below your order summary. 
2. Redeeming at a kiosk – in the “Checkout” step when completing your order, select the “I have a discount coupon” option. Then enter the discount code or scan the QR code with the reader below the screen. 
Not satisfied with any of the answers? E-mail us at zakaznici@360pizza.com, where we will be happy to answer your questions :-).